Welcome to Sprogs!!

I'm Nicola, and I started Sprogs in 2010 with the goal of bringing together products that children will love and parents will want to use! I'm not talking about gidgets and gadgets, I'm just talking about regular items that you use everyday and putting the FUN into being a parent


Where FUN and Essential Intersect! 


Sprogs also strives to find products that are healthy for your kids! No sulphates, BPA please! Products that will try and make our lives as parents easier also make it onto the site! TV and technology aside...


What's a "sprog"?? Well, as defined by Wiki says it's a "a slang term for a child"  - used in Nicola's native country England.

Hope you're able to find everything you need here, if not, drop us a line!


About Nicola

Work at home mom to three sprogs and two insane and tiny dogs and married for over 10 year! 

Likes: My crazy life, wine, comedies, silly fun, dancing and embarrassing my kids, glass or two of white wine, getting the chance to travel, Tina Fey, having time to think ... along (sorry kids)  and having a good laugh. 

Dislikes: Swimming with fish and seaweed, wasting time, clothes in the wrong dresser drawer, anything with peach or watermelon in it and when my kids are cheeky.